Grease Lock System

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Conventional grease filters used in the commercial kitchen exhaust systems are not efficient in removing grease effluent generated during cooking, which results in grease accumulation in the grease filters, exhaust hoods, other parts of the exhaust systems, and on the kitchen roof (or wall). The grease in the exhaust systems poses a fire hazard and requires regular cleaning of the grease filters & frequent cleaning of the exhaust systems, which uses a lot of water, chemicals, energy, and labor, and increases the cost of kitchen exhaust system operation & maintenance. The new Grease Lock disposable grease removal device (DGRD) offers “green” solution by removing the grease before it enters the exhaust system, thus preventing grease accumulation in the exhaust system, reducing the frequency of cleaning it, and minimizing associated fire hazard. This site introduces this new, bio-degradable & high efficiency DGRD, discusses its testing, certification/listing, and compliance with applicable standards & codes, describes its application & benefits, and mentions a case study of its use by a national restaurant chain, Applebees.

Traditional grease filters used in commercial kitchen ventilation systems do not effectively remove greasy particulates from the airflow before entering the ducts. This results in the rapid build-up of grease throughout the exhaust system and even onto the roof. The accumulation of grease the exhaust system is a significant fuel source that poses a significant fire risk for restaurant operators. As a result, the grease filters need frequent cleaning, often daily. The cleaning process for grease filters uses large quantities of water, chemicals, energy, labor and is a significant operational costs to a restaurant. In addition to the frequent cleaning of the grease filters, the operator also must routinely inspect his exhaust ducts and extractor. Typically, this results in a costly quarterly hood cleaning service performed by a 3rd party, certified hood cleaning company.

Our new Grease Lock System is a 2nd Generation, Disposable Grease Removal Device (DGRD) that reduces the above problem by removing a significant amount of the grease before it enters the exhaust system. This results in fewer cleanings of the grease filters and extends the time between required hood and duct cleanings.

With the exhaust system remaining cleaner for longer periods of time the risk of a exhaust system fire is reduced. This sustainable “green” alternative also conserves water and reduces pollution.

The Grease Lock System is placed upstream of listed baffle-type grease filters and uses custom channels to hold in place the Grease Lock Filter. The Grease Lock Filter is Intertek/ETL Listed and is comprised of a proprietary blend of fibers with an embedded stabilizer frame. The unique, patent pending design of the Grease Lock System allows for the filters to capture a significant portion of the greasy particulate matter from the cooking effluent with minimal effects on airflow and only a very small increase in static pressure. No exhaust fan upgrade is usually required.

The Grease Lock System reduces the risk of fire, the frequency of messy cleaning processes and maintenance costs, thereby saving you money while still being kind to the environment.