Keeping your commercial kitchen safe from fires may seem like an easy task; however, it does require you to follow the proper steps and maintenance. It can be easy, but only when it is approached thoughtfully and methodically. Your number one goal should be to protect your commercial kitchen, team, and customers from the dangers fire presents. Our goal at Facilitec West is to help you do that. We want to protect property and life from fire, so here are the top five ways you can do so.

Schedule Regular Hood Cleanings

Hood cleaning maintenance is the number one prevention your commercial kitchen has against fire. With over 8,000 reported structure fires each year in eating and drinking establishments, don’t be one of the 8,000 in 2020. Facilitec West is here to help you with your hood cleaning needs to keep your establishment safe from fire. When we are hired to clean your hood, we ensure to thoroughly clean the exhaust hood, rooftop exhaust fans, and vertical and horizontal ductwork.

We do this using three main tools: biodegradable degreasing solution, state-of-the-art cleaning equipment, and educated and trained employees. When we clean these aspects of your commercial kitchen, we remove all the fire fuel (grease buildup) from the systems. Grease is an extremely flammable substance, so if left unchecked it can build up in your system and cause a grease fire in the future. We have a maintenance program or key access program to make receiving our services a breeze. Just ask us how we can keep your establishment safe, clean, and compliant.

Have Proper Grease Containment

It’s unrealistic to try to clean your exhaust hood every day or week to remove the excess grease. That’s why having the proper grease containment system in place for between hood cleanings is imperative to the safety of your establishment. Plus, it helps prevent any damage on your rooftop (where your exhaust fan is). When you have the proper grease containment systems in place, it catches excess grease that travels from your hood up to your rooftop. This grease collects for an easy way to throw it away, rather than piling up on your roof and causing costly repairs.

Most establishments are equipped with a grease catch in their exhaust hood, but it doesn’t catch all the grease. This is where the rooftop grease containment system comes in handy. Additionally, having a great rooftop grease containment system has several other benefits: reduced risk of slips and falls, EPA code violation, insect and vermin infestations, and more. Facilitec West is proficient in helping our clients upgrade their current grease containment systems. You can count on us to keep you safe.

Change Your Filters

If you have great grease containing filters in your system’s hood, like the GL365, it can reduce the frequency needed for cleanings and rooftop grease containment. Great filters help to catch excess grease that is flowing through the exhaust system, which will avoid excess buildup on your roof and prevent excessive grease from accumulating over time. The GL365 filter traps 98% of all smoke, grease, and debris flowing through the system, making it the best commercial exhaust filter on the market. Ask us how you can get them!

Have A Fire Suppression System

Fire suppression systems may be your number one protection against the spread of a wild grease fire. They detect fires at the beginning stages through smoke, heat, and other warning signs. Restaurant fire suppression systems are specifically designed to extinguish grease fires. They use wet chemicals instead of dry to quickly extinguish the fire and provide an easier cleanup. However, there are other types of systems that use different wet chemicals or dry chemicals to suppress fires. While most are automatic, some must be manually set off. Make sure your establishment has the proper fire suppression system.

Have Portable Class K Fire Extinguishers

Depending on how large your kitchen is, this will determine how many fire extinguishers you need. In California, the law says that a team member must travel 30 feet or less to retrieve a fire extinguisher. Commercial cooking operations are at risk for flash fires constantly; from cooking with flammable objects over open flames to overheating fryer oil, fires are a real danger to commercial kitchens. Having portable class K extinguishers (and ensuring everyone knows how to use them properly) will keep your team, customers, and establishment safer than if you didn’t have them. Even if you have a great fire suppression system, portable fire extinguishers are key (plus, it’s the law).