Fewer Hood Cleanings, More Savings

Feel like you’re spending too much time and resources on having your hood cleaned? A good quality grease filter can help with that! Investing in a GL365 grease filter can also help reduce the need for frequent upkeep on roofing and rooftop grease containment systems.

Grease Filters

Why use a G365 Filter?

As grease is pulled up from your kitchen through the exhaust, it not only coats your kitchen hood with grease, it can leave your roof an oily mess. Using a GL365 Filter helps reduce the amount of grease passing through your exhaust hood. This will help by:

  • Reducing frequent hood cleanings, saving money and water.

  • Prevent excessive grease from collecting in rooftop containment systems.

  • Avoiding grease build up on your roof.

When grease builds up on your roof, this can lead to

  • Deterioration of roofing materials.

  • Costly repairs.

  • Vermin infestations.

  • Water code violations.

  • Increased fire risk.

But with the help of grease filters, you can can mitigate these effects.

Facilitec Is Your Source For GL365 Filters

There are many choices available for grease filtration, but we highly recommend choosing a Grease Lock GL365 fiber filter. They are easier to maintain than baffle filters and vastly more effective in trapping grease.

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Benefits of Grease Lock

This filtration solution offers a “green” alternative that’s not only better for the environment, but better for your business. A few of the things we love about this product include:

  • 99% grease capture rate.

  • Disposable, 100% biodegradable fiber filters.

  • Significantly reduce the need for secondary grease containment.

  • Reduced frequency of grease trap cleaning.

  • Reduced water consumption, due to fewer cleanings.

  • Save on labor costs with the ability to personally and quickly replace the filters.

If you are interested in learning more – or you are ready to make the upgrade – contact us!  Watch the video below for more information.

Ready to be your company’s hero?

With the time and effort to clean exhaust hoods, and the importance of grease containment, making sure you have the right filter for your needs is essential. If you are still trying to decide which grease filter you need, give Facilitec West a call! We’d be happy to answer your questions.

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