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LCPL Jonathan W. Collins Memorial Fund
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LCPL Jonathan W. Collins Memorial Fund Needs Support to Receive $250,000 Grant from Chase Community Giving Area residents can make a huge impact by voting on Facebook.

Crystal Lake, IL September 7, 2012) – LCPL Jonathan W. Collins Memorial Fund, a non-profit working to provide Comfort Bears through it’s “A Message From The Heart” program to the children of deploying Marines and service members, is competing with charities nationwide for grants ranging from $10,000 to $250,000 from the Chase Community Giving program. Residents can help ensure their success by simply voting for LCPL Jonathan W. Collins Memorial Fund through the Chase Community Giving program on Facebook.

Through the utilization of social media networks, the Chase Community Giving program has already directed more than $20 million dollars toward charities nationwide, putting the power to bring positive change across the nation into the hands of those who need it most. Due to enthusiasm, the program is being continued this year, giving hundreds of additional charities, including LCPL Jonathan W. Collins Memorial Fund the opportunity to win grants to further their mission.

“The only thing scarier then war is having a Mom or Dad serving in a war zone. A donation of $10,000 allows 400 children of overseas Marines to get a hug and hear their parents voice from a comfort teddy bear when they need it most,” said Fund Board Member Dan Collins.

The Fall 2012 round of the Chase Community Giving program is designed to benefit smaller and local charities by being limited to 501(c)3 charities with operating budgets under $10 million. The top eligible charity receives $250,000 and the remaining 195 top charities earn $10,000 through $100,000 awards, for a total of $5 million dollars in grants.

With the support of our volunteers, fans and local residents, LCPL Jonathan W. Collins Memorial Fund has the opportunity to get much needed resources to implement big changes!

The family of Gunnery Sergeant Perez said:

“To all who make "A Message from the Heart" possible,We would like to thank you all for bringing smiles to our faces. The light that gleamed from our 1 yr old was priceless, hearing her daddy's voice coming froma cute and cuddly bear. The 2 older children felt so special and almost didn'twant to share their personal message with me, saying it's between them and Dad. Thank you, for remembering our children and the hardship they go through astheir father fulfills his duties in Afghanistan.

We will always remember Jonathon's sacrifice for Corps and country as his spirit brings joy and love into our home.”

ratefully yours,
The Perez Family

How You Can Help

You can help the LCPL Jonathan W. Collins Memorial Fund receive up to $250,000 by simply visiting Facebook.com/ChaseCommunity Giving and casting your vote!

If you have questionsabout the LCPL JonathanW. Collins Memorial Fund or would like to get involved, please go to our website www.jonathancollins.org or contact us at info@jonathancollins.org.

About LCPLJonathan W. Collins Memorial Fund

The LCPL Jonathan Collins Memorial Fund and Foundation was started to keep Jon’s memory and the memory ofhis sacrifice alive. Its mission is to support causes and organizations whichreflect Jonathan's character, commitment and compassion. We strive to do thisthrough increasing awareness, inspiring patriotism and raising funds in thehope of helping to sustain these causes and organizations in their existenceand financial needs.

As a subset of the Foundation’s mission, A Message from the Heart’s mission is to support Jonathan's fellow service men and women, as well as their families, in times of deployment. The LCPL Jonathan Collins Foundation raises funds to provide children of deploying Marines and military personnel the opportunity to create their own “A Message from the Heart” Comfort Bear. The bear contains a voice chip with a personally recorded message from the deploying parent. These comfort bears allow the deploying parent to leave a message, from their heart, to their child, that the child can listen to on their time, and on their terms, whenever they need to hear their parent’s voice.

About Chase Community Giving

Chase Community Giving is grant program inspiring a new way of corporate philanthropy by letting participants vote to help determine which small and local non profits will receive donations from Chase. The program has given away over $20 million in grants to charities nationwide, with focuses including animals & environment; education; health; military & veterans; poverty; and the arts. To learn more about the program, visit Facebook.com/ChaseCommunityGiving.