Mall restaurant tenants are unique compared to other tenants because their business generates grease, posing fire risks. As with stand-alone restaurants, smoke and grease are vented away from the cooking area inside by rooftop fans. Airborne grease cools when it makes contact with the cooler air and fan blades, collected and then leaking into the roof. The pooled grease deteriorates the roof membranes, causes grease run-off into ocean, streams and rivers, and poses a significant fire hazard. Because of this, mall restaurant operations are controlled by outside agencies such as fire marshals and health inspectors.

Because most food service tenant leases are vague about who, specifically, is responsible for maintaining proper roof safety, problems can go unnoticed. Don’t wait for a health problem to arise. Facilitec West has solutions to grease build-up that create a safe working environment and provide significant savings: Grease Lock System & The Grease Gutter. Call us today for a free estimate.