Grease Gutter

Grease Gutter can Guard the Rooftop from the Damaging Effects of Roof Top Grease

The Grease Gutter Stops Rooftop Grease Damage Before It Starts

The Grease Gutter prevents rooftop grease problems by protecting your roof from serious oil damage. Super absorbent materials grab grease while allowing water to pass through for proper drainage. The off-the-roof design of the containment device prevents grease from pooling on the roof. The Gutters are made of V-O polymers, making them weather resistant and long lasting.

For applications where the Grease Gutter will not fit, like wall mounted ventilator systems, the SideKick can be installed easily. It is ideal for lower volume discharge fans that are single sided and also uses Omni Containment's powerful grease absorbing filters.

A solution for fans that have a side drain for grease collection, The Grease Box is filled with absorption pillows that absorb grease and allow water to pass through. It is constructed of 24 gauge,galvanized sheet metal to withstand high wind, snow, heavy rain, ice and hail.