Rooftop Grease Containment Products

Grease Lock System


Although commercial kitchen ventilation systems already have grease filters, they are not effective at removing grease particles from the air before they enter the exhaust ducts. Grease attached to the air moves into the duct system, cools, and then builds up on the duct walls and the exhaust fan, accumulating on the roof. The build up creates an increased fire risk for restaurant operators, as well as environmental risks and higher maintenance costs.

Additionally, these traditional grease filters need frequent, sometimes daily cleaning, which uses large quantities of water, chemicals, energy, and labor, causing notable operational costs to a restaurant. The exhaust system, including hoods, ductwork and exhaust fan must be routinely inspected due to grease build-up. These systems are typically required to be cleaned, at least quarterly, by a certified hood cleaning company. Thankfully, there is a system that is more efficient and cost effective.

The Grease Lock System is a 2nd generation, patent-pending disposable grease removal device. It is placed upstream of listed baffle-type grease filters and uses custom channels to hold the filters in place. The Grease Lock Filter is Intertek/ETL listed and is comprised of a proprietary blend of fibers with an embedded stabilizer frame. The unique Grease Lock System design allows for airflow while capturing a high percentage of greasy particulates.Exhaust fan upgrades are usually not required. By cutting down the amount of grease in the exhaust system and fans, The Grease Lock System reduces fire-risk and maintenance costs, protecting your business and saving you money.