A rooftop grease containment system protects your business from a variety of expensive, time consuming, and sometimes deadly rooftop grease related hazards. Having one installed is simple and will protect your business and team more efficiently than if you just used the essentials (like a grease catch). The grease catch in your kitchen’s exhaust hood helps trap airborne grease as it vents the air out of the kitchen. However, it typically doesn’t get rid of all the grease, meaning that some of it can leak out onto your roof through the exhaust system.

Investing in a better grease containment system will benefit you, your team, and your business in the following ways:

Decrease Fire Risk

The costs for repair and restoration, paired with the disruption to operations, can add up to become quite costly. Something as small as an electrical short in a fan or even a strike of lightning can cause a grease-saturated roof to go up in flames. With an upgraded grease containment system, and regularly scheduled maintenance, your roof will have significantly decreased fire risk. A grease containment system uses filters to absorb grease when it pours from your fan. Ask us about our recommended grease containment systems and filters!

Maintain Roof Warranty

Grease on your roof can lead to the deterioration of roofing material. Most roofing warranties are based on workmanship standards, not natural or chemical causes. If grease leaks onto your roof because of a faulty or ineffective grease containment system, it could cause damage to your roof. Without a warranty, you would have to pay for the repairs on the roof, not to mention potential fines from breaking local and national codes.

Stay Up to Codes & Standards

Rooftop grease containment systems are required by law. The NFPA 96 fire code requires all commercial cooking operations to install an approved grease collection system. You may also be required to have one through your lease agreement, roof warranty, or insurance company. If you have a faulty rooftop grease containment system, grease can easily runoff the roof and into storm drain when it rains or snows. If you allow grease-contaminated runoff to enter the storm water or sewer system, you could be looking at big fines from the EPA.

Prevent Injury

A damaged roof puts maintenance workers and others at risk. Even a small grease spill on your roof can pose a serious slip and fall hazard. If the grease spill starts to runoff your roof, it can cause safety and liability concerns for people walking below.

Prevent Infestations

Mice and rats are attracted to not only the food in restaurants, but the grease inside of restaurants. Grease smells like food to rats and mice, leaving the impression that there is food inside. With a better grease containment system, and regularly scheduled hood cleanings, you can reduce your risk for vermin and insect infestations.

Facilitec West Can Help

If you’re looking to invest in better grease containment for your restaurant, Facilitec West is ready to help you! Our team is trained and experienced in knowing the different options for optimizing grease containment. With better grease containment, your team, establishment, and customers will be safer. No matter what combination of grease containment methods you decide on, consistent maintenance is key to their effectiveness long term. Sign up for our Key Access Program or Maintenance Program!