Grease: What’s the issue? Not only is it unpleasant to see in your restaurant, but it also puts your employees and customers in danger. Facilitec West, by cleaning grease out of your restaurant’s systems, helps fight against disease transmission from rats, mice, and the decay of grease. Leftover grease is dangerous in terms of being fire-fuel; it can also have an effect on your team and customers.


Our favorite restaurant creatures are causing endless problems for restaurants and their customers every day. Mice and rats are attracted to not only the food in restaurants, but the grease inside of restaurants. Grease smells like food to rats and mice, leaving the impression that there is food inside. Rodents are always looking for food and if your hood and vents are being poorly maintained your restaurant will be at risk for disease transmission.

To prevent these rodents from preying on your restaurant, you must ensure that everything is clean. From the floors, to the kitchen exhaust system, to the ceiling, they will no longer be attracted to a food-like scent. Mice and rats spread diseases like tularemia, salmonellosis, rat-bite fever, plague, and leptospirosis. Having them in your restaurant not only puts your staff in danger; they pose problems to the health of your customers.

Usually these rodents bring along some of their friends like ticks, fleas, and mites. The domino-effect of pests in your restaurant could grow exponentially if you aren’t taking the precautions to keep them out. If the disease transmission of these creatures doesn’t interest you, then maybe the performance of your team will. If your team members realize that they are not alone when working in the kitchen or the restaurant, their stress levels will go up and their performance will suffer. Not to mention, your customers will certainly write poor reviews of your restaurant if they find out you have rodents.

Your HVAC system

HVAC is how you get safe, clean air and heat to your team and customers. Grease that finds its way into your HVAC system will pile up over time and cause several problems. A system that is clogged with grease and dust particles won’t work as it should. By letting grease build up, the system has to work harder than normal, wearing out every component that makes it function. If this happens in your restaurant, you should expect to replace parts and filters constantly.

This build-up also reduces airflow and air quality. This can worsen allergies and other respiratory issues for anyone that comes into your restaurant. It’s hard to say exactly how many respiratory diseases this type of air pollution can cause, but scientists find new diseases related to the topic every day. Keeping your restaurant’s HVAC and kitchen exhaust systems clean means that your business has very little risk in encountering these respiratory diseases that could harm your employees and customers.


Diseases are everywhere and, as humans, we need to look for solutions and precautions to prevent them. Having Facilitec West clean your kitchen’s exhaust system allows us to flush grease out of your restaurant’s ventilation. Grease is going to pose more problems for your business than you can imagine. When there is grease, there is usually fungus, mold, and other diseases brewing in your system just waiting to be unleashed.

Keeping up with maintenance on your kitchen exhaust system is going to be the best decision that you make as a business owner. You commit to protecting not only yourself and your investment, but your team and customers too. We offer an easy maintenance program and key access program. Our Grease-Free Guarantee® will ensure you rest easy at night knowing your restaurant is protected. Ask us how you can get on our books: 888.463.2293