Many hotels, restaurants, and businesses with a commercial kitchen have asked themselves the question, “Is my kitchen exhaust that important?” My response to that question is, “If your business’s server and computers have a virus or are running slow, would that pose a risk to your worker’s productivity and the data of your company?” No matter the work environment the tools we use are vitally important, however with regular maintenance these tools (and your team) will continue to be productive and have a much lower potential for a work disruption.

Keeping your restaurant clean and sanitary is a rule you must adhere to and it does include keeping your hood exhaust system clean. Non-compliance with these rules will lead to your kitchen being closed or completely shut down. With the other many rules and regulations you have to adhere to for your business, you may think that your Hood Exhaust Systemisn’t a high priority. I beg to differ….

The reality is fire marshals, health inspectors, and insurance companies mandate these regular cleanings. In fact, the more hours a day your kitchen is open and utilizing grease and/or smoke to cook, you may be required to have even more cleanings scheduled. The positive side to that is the longer your kitchen is open, in theory, the more opportunity you have to make money. Here’s an excerpt from the NFPA – 96 Cleaning Guidelines:

So, now we know why these cleanings are regulated, but how can this directly benefit the business owner? (How can we keep $ in your pocket?)

1. Fire preventions

2. Potential insurance savings

3. Cleanliness

4. Lower chance of an injury or a disaster with the business or an employee.

5. Increased life expectancy and efficiency for your business and your team

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