There are parts of life where grease is necessary, maybe even considered awesome. There are other parts of life where grease isn’t welcomed; in fact, there are places where grease can become destructive and life-threatening. If you own a commercial cooking operation or kitchen, excessive grease is not your friend. By letting grease build up in your kitchen exhaust system, you are putting yourself, your business, your team, and your customers at risk.

Grease that isn’t cleaned from your system regularly, like with our maintenance program or key access program, can be a dangerous situation. Due to its slippery, thick, oily nature, grease can be directly dangerous for anyone who is utilizing your kitchen space. The buildup of grease can lead to several problems including: poor air quality, health problems, equipment damage, grease fires, insect or rodent infestations, and more. This is why hood cleaning and grease containment are more about life and property safety, rather than just a simple grease cleanup.

By engaging in preventative maintenance, you can avoid life and property safety concerns. Aside from scheduling regular cleanings with us to protect your kitchen exhaust system, there are a few things you can do to ensure your team, customers, and commercial operation remain safe. Ensuring surfaces are cleaned each night—floors, counters, stoves, fryers, etc.—is your first step to protecting from falls, inhalation, and erosion.

Cleaning up each night after your day of work is just one step to your personal preventative maintenance. We don’t expect you to go to your rooftop to clean up every day, so you may not see your rooftop that often, but we will! Part of our preventative maintenance programs means that we are up on your rooftop cleaning your containment system, on a set schedule. Maintaining a clean and safe roof is extremely important, especially for our team, because the improper cleaning and storage of grease on a rooftop can lead to several issues for you and for us.

If you don’t maintain your rooftop, grease can overflow and end up on your roof instead of in your designated grease receptacle. When grease overflows onto a roof, it can cause the roof to corrode. This can lead to costly repairs, in both labor and materials, not to mention the possible loss of income if you have to shut down for the repairs. Overflowed grease can also make its way into storm drains (if there is a heavy rain in your area) meaning it can flow into local oceans, lakes, rivers, and terrain. It can wreak havoc on the environment, killing wildlife and plants, which can lead to hefty fines from the EPA. You don’t want to get hit with fines from the EPA on top of having to repair your rooftop.

Even if the grease doesn’t overflow off the roof, or damage your roof, it can make walking on the roof for maintenance nearly impossible. Due to its slippery nature, if on your rooftop, it can create an unsafe environment for any servicing professionals. The potential for slips and falls increases which is extremely dangerous. Maintaining your exhaust fans and grease containment systems with Facilitec West means ensuring the safety of your business, team, customers, and servicing professionals.

Join our maintenance program for a customizable service that combines hood cleaning and rooftop grease containment services. We are trained and experienced in servicing all types of hoods and rooftop grease containment systems. Set up a maintenance schedule one time, and we’ll send our professionals on time, every time after that. Caring for your grease containment system and hood means caring for your business, team, and customers. Our work is to protect you and the things you care about. Contact us today to schedule a service or give us a call! 888.463.2293