We hold ourselves to a high set of standards here at Facilitec West. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver a reliable, friendly, and on-time team to all our customers. Our high standards for conducting business in the best and most professional way is one of the reasons we are proud members of several esteemed organizations. You may have seen a list of organizations we are part of, but we wanted to take the month to highlight each of them to show how they influence our own set of standards for our clients.

National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)

This one shouldn’t come as a surprise to many of you as one of our core duties is to protect restaurants from grease fires that may occur. In fact, many of the systems that we focus on cleaning come with their own set of standards and laws designed by the NFPA (96), which we will link here. The NFPA offers its members access to continued education, journal opportunities, and overall support. In an industry such as ours, it’s important that we remain up-to-date on all things fire code related in order to protect our clients the best we can.

Power Washers of North America (PWNA)

The PWNA has been an industry leader in the power washing industry since 1992. They represent all power washing companies: aerospace cleaning, concrete cleaning, fleet washing, kitchen exhaust (us!), wood restoration, and everything in between. They are a non-profit organization and assist in communicating ethical business practices, environmental awareness, and safety through continuing education. As a member of the PWNA, we are sworn to a code of ethics.

California Restaurant Association (CRA)

The CRA helps us have a voice in the vast community of restaurants in California. They give us a platform to get to know other like-minded businesses, as well as restaurants owners, so that we can better work together to keep our community, and the people who invest in our community, safe. They lobby to protect and promote the restaurant community by fighting for policies that support our industry.

International Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Association (IKECA)

This may be one of the largest associations that we are a part of. Anyone from restaurant owners and managers, kitchen exhaust cleaning companies, kitchen exhaust manufacturers, and more can become proud members of IKECA and contribute to important industry conversations. Members of IKECA “are committed to fire prevention and life safety by advancing the quality of cleaning, inspection, and maintenance of commercial kitchen exhaust systems worldwide.”

Restaurant Facility Management Association (RFMA)

A description taken from their website, “Our core purpose is to promote the advancement of the restaurant facilities management professional. Through targeted education, events, programs and resources, RFMA equips members by sharing new innovations as well as time-tested techniques to keep restaurant facilities running more efficiently.” We are proud to be members of the RFMA as they help keep us up-to-date in all things restaurant, which helps us serve our clients more reliably.

Some other companies that we are proud to be members of, but don’t need a whole lot of explaining, are:

We are proud to be members of all nine of these associations as they have standards that align with ours. At Facilitec West, we strive to give our customers the best clean, in the most professional way. We strive to educate ourselves in all things restaurant, and that includes any kind of new technologies or ideas that are being designed every day. In order to be the best, we have to remain ethical, educated, and committed to our clients needs.